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Velo Orange Constructeur Front Rack in Polished Silver

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Superb classic porteur front rack made from polished stainless steel. Ideal as a bag support for touring/bikepacking or use with a Wald Basket around town. 

The Constructeur Front Rack is a medium sized front rack that attaches to your fork's dropout eyelets. It's simple design is perfect for a handlebar bag, tied-down dry bag, or basket.

All Velo Orange racks are made from polished tubular stainless steel, so they will never rust or flake, and can be re-polished to a mirror shine even after years of use. There are light mounts on the side of the platform. The height of the rack from the lowest hole on the tang to the bottom of the platform is 37cm. The platform is 20cm long and 10cm wide. The tombstone (backstop) is 9.5cm tall.

There are three holes in the lower tang so that it can be cut to give your bike a real Constructeur-style. Find installation instructions here.

6.8kg maximum weight capacity


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