Custom Builds

Build a Bike

Custom building bikes is a collaborative process between us and you, the customer.

To make an enquiry, feel free to pop in to see us or give us a call or email. 

If you have an idea of what you're looking for already, complete our contact form below and detail your requirements. 

Submitting this form allows us to put together a draft parts list and a quote for you to review. This is a free service and comes with no obligation to purchase.

The draft list will include a detailed summary of all the parts that we would recommend or you have requested, and a full and transparent breakdown of costs. 

Generally, a custom build can be guided by a handful of questions. This is just a starting point but it will allow us to give you the best service and experience.

- Do you want gears?

- Do you want drop handlebars or straight bars?

- Do you have any thoughts on disc brakes? (Yes, no, not sure).

- How tall are you?

Answering these questions will give us the best start and provides a great launchpad for the process.

Some additional considerations:

- Front Rack?

- Rear Rack?

- Mudguards?

- Basket?

- Leather Saddle?

- Puncture proof / tubeless tyres?

Every bike will be built individually by us to order.


A custom build typically comes in around £1,650 upwards for a geared bike and £1,000 upwards for a singlespeed/fixed gear bike.

This depends entirely on component choice and the sky is the limit here, but we think this should give you a pretty good idea of likely costs.

If you have a budget in mind, let us know too so we can spec a bike to your requirements. You're in control of what you want your bike to be!


We have access to a range of Frames & Parts and try to keep a good selection in stock:

We're happy to special order any frames, parts, components & accessories from our suppliers.

Use the form below to get in touch and let us know what you're looking for!