Cycle To Work

Ride To Work schemes are a Government initiative that allow you to save up to 39% on the purchase of a new bike. Any type of bike can qualify and the schemes also allow the purchase of accessories such as panniers, a helmet, lights or a bicycle lock, so you can purchase everything you need to get riding at a discount. We participate in a number of popular schemes, meaning you can save money on a new bike and save money on your daily commute. More details can be found on our partners websites. 

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Cycle Solutions are one of the UK’s leading Cycle to Work scheme providers. Check with your employer to see whether you're signed up to Cycle Solutions and you could save money on a new bike. Cycling to work is great for personal wellbeing and for the environment. Plus, Cycle Solutions off a flexible upper limit, meaning you can get the right bike for you and any equipment you need.

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The Vivup Cycle to Work scheme offers huge discounts to registered employees and allows you to purchase a new bike and cycle equipment so you can stay fit and healthy whilst riding to work. Vivup works closely with many NHS Trusts to provide employee benefits making them one of the largest cycle scheme providers in the country. 

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