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Shimano SG-S7001 Alfine 11 Speed Disc Hub in Black

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  • The Alfine 11 speed internal gear hub runs on needle bearings for increased durability and high drive efficiency
  • Helical internal sprockets increase durability, perform better with high torque loading and provide a constant engagement for a smooth and quiet operation
  • Oil bath lubrication system increases durability and reduces friction in the hub, while Labyrinth seals improve sealing performance both resulting in extending service life
  • Double roller silent clutch engagement also gives a smoother quieter shift
  • Top normal internal structure for improved tolerance when shifting while riding under load
  • Alfine hubs use pedal power to aid down-shifting resulting in fast and accurate shifts with an exceptionally light feel
  • Shimano's precise manufacturing abilities have enabled them to construct the Alfine internal hub to be there most efficient yet
  • 409% Gear ratio
  • Centre-Lock disc rotor compatible
  • 135 mm O.L.D. spacing
  • Weight: 1,670g

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