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Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Super, 1L Concentrated Bike Cleaner

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Super strong cleaner and degreaser. Use neat to degrease or dilute to transform into 10L of powerful and fast acting bike wash.

Dirt Juice Super is the Jekyll and Hyde of cleaners and packs two brilliant bike fixes into one big value bottle.

Use it neat as a tough-on-muck degreaser to banish grease and grime, breath life back into buggered bits and restore your gear to shining.

Dilute 9:1 it with water and it transforms by magic into a fast, powerful, awesomely good value mud repelling bike wash. 1 big value bottle will create a whopping 10 litres of bike cleaner.

If you’d rather spend your hard earned on the apres-ride beers and chips than on bike cleaners, this is your golden ticket. Except it’s green. It’s your green ticket.


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