Genetic Pro Track Pedals in Silver/Black

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If you're happy with toeclips and see no reason to change to modern flats or clipless, it's nice to know get Genetic have you covered on the track pedal/toe clip front. Toeclips sold separately. 

Genetic Pro Track pedals give any bike that classic racing look with modern reliability. Featuring high quality sealed bearings and chromoly axles, these are year-round all-season pedals. A low-profile pedal designed for track but just as ideal for street use, match them up with some of our cages and straps and you will have yourself a pedal perfect for year round riding, in all conditions. The body of the pedal is high lustre polished aluminium with the option for either a silver body with black anodised cage plates or a complete black anodised pedal. Both are drilled for cages and straps.