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Wizard Works Lil Presto Barrel Bag - Mini

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Colour: Splatter


Keep your vital items within easy reach and say no to overstuffed jersey pockets. Whatever you’ve got to stash, the Lil Presto Barrel Bag will do it besto.

The Lil Presto is the perfect companion for a day out; looks cool, carries stuff, bears snacks, doesn’t complain. What more could you want? Designed for happy-go-lucky scamps that need to be prepared for anything, this charming wee bag mounts to either handle bars or saddles (with saddle loops. i.e.: Brooks).

Big enough to stash an extra layer, keep your phone to hand and carry your lunch. A daisy chain on the front to clip a light to or dangle a mug off of. Maybe you need to carry some spare socks, travel scrabble, or a burrito or two, whatever you've got to stash, the Lil Presto! will do it besto!

  • 1.8L
  • Omni tape straps

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