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Schwalbe Tubeless Valves 40mm in Black

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Schwalbe has released its new tubeless valves. Fitting is also made easier with detailed technical improvements to the valve base.

The new valve offers the right stem length for all common rim profiles. "Where previously a valve extension was necessary, there was also the possibility of air loss at the connection. This is prevented with the new valved, which are made of one piece," explains Johannes Binner from Schwalbe Marketing.

The other details also simplify tubeless handling for MTB, road cyclists or touring riders. The Schwalbe developers increased the inner diameter at the valve base from 2.4 to 5mm, so that air and sealing fluid can now flow much better through the valve. Additionally the risk of valve blockages caused by sealing fluid particles as been minimised.


  • Hex Socket & Shorter Cone: using a hex key (4mm) the valve foot can be mounted more securely in the rim without squashing the foot. With its shortened cone, the valve base sinks even deeper in the valve hole. This reduced the installation height leaving more space in the rim for the tyre beads.
  • O-Ring: Thanks to the O-ring, the valve adapts optimally to different rim contours, while damage to the rim is prevented by the valve nut. This eliminates the previously required spacer sleeve.
  • Design: The high quality, smart valve design fits perfectly with stylish, sporty bikes.

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