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Halo RXR 60TPI Tubeless 'Road Plus' Gravel Tyre

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The RXR is Halo's road plus tyre offering. Minimal rolling resistance and maximum comfort.

Utilising a 60TPI tubeless carcass the RXR is lightweight and reliable. Not only does the carcass allow the tyre to conform to the terrain for grip and comfort, but also brush off a large amount of potential damage from objects on the road or trail.

To make this a truly capable road plus tyre in all conditions, angled mud and water shedding channels have also been integrated on the shoulder tread.

The RXR tyre also offers a large tread wrap for extreme lean angles and features dual compounds. The rubber compound used in the centre is slightly firmer to increase rolling speeds and longevity. The edge compound being softer, combined with the large tread wrap means grip is maximised for when you really need it.

A handy strap comes with your tyre which you can use to carry more things!

The RXR tyre is available in 650 x 47c, in all black and tan wall.

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