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ESI XXL 8.25" Extra Chunky Silicone Bar Grips in Black

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ESI XXL Extra Chunky are awesome comfy grips and can be easily fitted to pretty much any type of handlebar. The shock absorbing design offers increased control on rough terrain. These grips are tough and durable and come recommended by bikepacking and touring cyclists. Ideal for Surly Moloko and Jones H-Bars.

Made in the USA.

Extra Chunky XXL 8.25” are over 60% longer than standard grips. 

  • Made for 22mm bars (can fit applications down to 19mm)
  • Bar Plugs included
  • *Install Bar Plugs first for the protection of grips and ease of installation

Great for:

  • Fat bikes
  • Bikepacking
  • Touring bikes
  • Alt-Bars
  • Track and pursuit bars
  • BMX
  • Cruiser

* Colors may vary from screen to screen. NOTE: Our Black is a dark charcoal gray.

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