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Abus Cable Lock Combiflex Travelguard Bicycle Lock

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Flexible, reliable and always at hand. The Combiflex TravelGuard is the perfect protection for your helmet or backpack on excursions. This will put a spanner in the works for opportunistic thieves and you can enjoy your break with peace of mind.

Simply hanging your helmet on the handlebars without securing it or leaving your backpack unattended - that shouldn't be an option. Because basic protection can be so simple.

With the Combiflex TravelGuard, objects such as bicycle helmets, bags and skis, but also prams, can be locked quickly and reliably thanks to its easy handling. Ideal for short stops in between and can be stowed in any trouser or jersey pocket. Whether at the bakery or at the ski hut - this is an easy way to protect your property against theft. An extra solid steel core and a 3-digit code provide the necessary protection. The numerical code can be set and changed individually. A lashing loop is formed with the 45cm long cable, the length of which can be freely adjusted. Due to this flexible structure, the cable lock can be used in many different ways in everyday life to fasten objects and to easily secure your property. Now nothing stands in the way of your quiet coffee break.


  • Cable security with extra solid steel core
  • 3-digit number code can be set and changed by yourself
  • Cable lock with detachable locking mechanism
  • Small and light, fits well in a trouser or jersey pocket
  • Keyless cable security for everyday use or when traveling
  • Ideal for securing luggage, prams, sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, inline skates and bicycle helmets
  • Combination
  • Weight: 86g

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