MilKit Tubeless Booster Bottle (0.75 Litre) with Head

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Handy lightweight bottle for inflating tubeless tyres. Simply use your regular bike pump to pressurise the bottle up to 160psi and press onto the valve to inflate your tyre in an instant. Makes seating tubeless tyres a doddle. Light enough to take on any ride and can be used as a drinking bottle too. Happy days! #tubelessmadeeasy

  • The simplest, easiest, lightest and most versatile tubeless inflator system out there
  • By interfacing with aluminium drinking bottles, the milKit Booster removes the need for a dedicated pressure reservoir, finally making back country tubeless inflation a practical option
  • Just screw the head onto the bottle, use your hand pump to pressurise it to up to a maximum of 160 PSI and then press the head onto any Presta valve to mount the tyre
  • Direct connection with no hose between the pressure chamber and valve means the initial rush is delivered instantly, increasing the chances of getting a seal first time
  • 750 ml air reservoir is big enough to mount even stubborn tyres whilst still fitting into standard bottle cages for easy portability
  • Clean, oil free valve means the bottle is not contaminated and can be safely used for drinking water as well as inflation, a standard drinking bottle screw cap is included
  • Will not degrade your sealant or freeze in use, unlike CO2 based systems
  • The head is made from super tough PA 66 polyamide, weighs just 18 grams and comes with it's own drawstring carry bag, ideal for bike packing or touring
  • Designed in Zurich, Switzerland, made in the EU